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About Attilio

Designed for inspiring women who bring passion to everything they do.


Based on her life background Millie aims to inspire and empower the youth, the creative thinkers, the life lovers.

“I want to inspire the next generation of designers, and people in general. Transmitting them that it’s never too late to make a change and to keep doing what you love.”

- Millie Ho


Long-standing passion for the world of jewelry

Millie Ho, founder of Attilio Fine Jewelry, has a long-standing passion for jewelry and art, instilled in her by her artistic father, which led to her philosophy of combining the best of different worlds into exquisite designs that highlight the beauty of different cultures and materials. Despite studying science and working in medicine for a decade, Millie's artistic sense and entrepreneurial spirit led her to pursue floral design, where she achieved great success and numerous awards. Millie eventually returned to her first love, the jewelry business, to continue her legacy and inspire future generations of designers.

The Legacy Continues

Millie Ho, is driven by her desire to inspire future generations of jewelry designers. Attilio has supported The Jewelry Design Competition for Hong Kong secondary school students since 2018, where Millie has served as a guest speaker, judge, and sponsor, helping to bring the winning student's design to life. By sharing her story of the importance of doing what you love and never being too late to make a change, Millie hopes to empower young designers to create beautiful, vibrant pieces that will add grace and vitality to jewelry collections and create their legacy


Our story and brand is inspiring strong values :



Attilio Fine Jewelry aims to inspire women who bring passion to everything they do, empowering the youth, creative thinkers, and life lovers.


The brand has a long-standing passion for the world of jewelry, infused with time-honored Chinese family traditions, artistic inspiration, and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Attilio Fine Jewelry designs are known for their exquisite beauty and elegance, highlighting the finest gemstones and materials from different cultures.


The brand values creativity, seeing things differently and infusing the best of both worlds into its unique designs.


Attilio Fine Jewelry believes in empowering the next generation of designers, sharing its founder's story of the importance of doing what you love and that it's never too late to make a change.

#Believe in the Infinite You

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